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Davis Fleetwood
Two week ago, when John Heilemann wrote a cover story for New York Magazine outlining the perfect storm that could carry Sarah Palin to a Presidential election victory in 2012, I would have told you that Sarah was much more powerful as a king-maker and not a King.

And then she went and bragged to Barbara Walters that she can beat Obama in 2012 this.

Hah ha. Funny. In an Armageddon kind of way right? We can’t be that stupid, can we?  Well… in the immortal slogan of an era long ago: yes we can!

So I decided to re-read Hielman’s article to see if his logic held water. I think I can summarize the article in this way. 1: Palin is doing all of the little behind the scenes things you do to lay the groundwork for a run. 2: The only other major GOP contender is Mitt Romney, who both fails to inspire and has the albatross of having served as Gov of Massachusetts when that state passed a healthcare plan that looks a lot like the plan that has all of the Randian Regressives calling Obama a socialist. B: The White House is eating this up, thinking that Palin is so polarizing that she could not possibly win, but motherfucken thirdly; NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg will launch a credible, Ross Perot style independent campaign. And in these polarizing times, with populist fervor on both the left and the right and the economy showing no signs of improving, it is a crap shoot with the odds on favorite in this scenario being Palin.

“She’s a supernova,” says former Bush advisor Mark McKinnon. “The only parallel is Barack Obama. And look what happened to him.”

In this scenario, those who interpret the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 as a portent of the end of time may well be right. Because the nuclear codes will then fall into the lap of a woman who thinks the earth is only 6 thousand years old and that our illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan are Gods wars, that “God” is on our side.

Now, I know that my views, and how I present them, often earn me the scorn of those who would label me an elitist liberal snob.

You know why I am snob? Why I am elitist? Because liberals – or progressives are right. You are wrong. End of story.

When conservative forces in the south were arguing for separate but equal facilities for blacks during the civil rights struggle, does any version of history look back and exonerate the apes that held onto the conservative position? No!

Twenty years from now, when you are trying to explain to children why there was so much debate over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Gay Marriage, whose side will you be on? The Fred Phelps hate mongers and Military macho dick wavers who want to keep gays in the closet?

No. Twenty years from now, you will look back at this time and think, what was the problem? Why were we dragging our knuckles like apes?

Sarah Palin is a regressive with a growing army of grown men in Halloween Colonial Garb or crucifix clutchers or Ayn Rand disciples who will, if given the full reigns of this country, send us back to the Stone Age. Palin and her followers will disagree, of course, on the grounds that since archeologists place the Stone Age about 700,00 years ago and therefore 694 thousand years before their world began, that my conclusions are irrational and mathematically impossible.

But a serious run from the barracuda seems more and more plausible. What do you think- two years out; whom do you see winning the Presidential election in 2012?

Slacktivism or Activism? What Was The Rally To Restore Sanity?

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The Rally to Restore Sanity and or Fear was a collection of educated, self-consciously ironic, snarky left of center or politically apathetic individuals most of whom I would learn had never been to a rally or protest of any kind.

So what was this?

A reaction against reactionaries? A protest against protests? Was this the largest collection of Slacktivists ever assembled in one place?

Or was it possible that Stewart and Colbert had succeeded in creating a kind of gateway drug a slippery slope into a deeper engagement with politics?

Full of Irony and Wit and Signifying nothing?

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Rand Paul Headstomper Just the Latest Violent Right-Winger

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by Davis Fleetwood

Tim Proffitt, an angry white guy with back problems, who until a few days ago would have been hard to pick out at any Ayn Randian Regressive Racist, tea bagging event seeing as how he is indistinguishable from the multitudinous middle aged macho Archie Bunkers that populate these events, can now enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame. Congratulations, Tim, when you die people will remember you as that guy who stepped not once, but twice on the back of a 23 year old woman after she was tackled to the ground in a violent attack that left the woman, Lauren Valle, with a concussion and other medical problems.

But Mr. Proffitt was not done.
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Rand Paul Headstomper Just the Latest Violent Right-Winger: 17 More Instances of Recent Violence by Conservatives

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written by Adam H. Shah, this article originally appeared on Media Matters for America

As media outlets have reported, a worker who attempted to approach Paul at an October 26 rally in Lexington, Kentucky was attacked, apparently by Paul supporters. The woman was thrown to the ground and then stepped on, causing her head to be smashed into the pavement. According to, the victim was diagnosed with a concussion at a local hospital.

The attack on the MoveOn worker was the latest in a string of violence and threats against progressives.

1. White powder and swastikas were mailed to Rep. Grijalva. On October 21, an envelope containing “a plastic bag of white powder and two pieces of paper with swastikas written on them” was reportedly mailed to Rep. Raul Grijalva’s (D-AZ) campaign office. The powder was determined to be non-toxic.
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Alan Cumming: “Obama Has Done Squat For Gay Rights”

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by Davis Fleetwood

Actor and Obama supporter Alan Cumming sharply criticized the president this week for seeking to stay a judge’s decision to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“We keep hearing that Obama is an ally, that DADT will end under his watch,” Cumming wrote on his blog, “but what do we actually get? Diddly squat thus far on a federal level and in addition to that some very offensive statements that would have made the Republicans look bad.”

Wait a second. Alan Cumming is gay? Stop the presses. If you have been reading the news these past few years, you would have generated a picture of the stereotypical gay male was a minster who just happened to travel Europe with young men from or any Republican Congressmen who speaks out against gays, it seems, these  are the men that everyone knows to be GAY. But Alan Cumming? Just goes to show you- you can’t rely on stereotypes anymore.

Anyway, Cumming, who is apparently now out of the closet, went on:

“In a time when America is full of hatred of all kinds, but especially hatred towards young gay people, what message is the president sending when he repeatedly goes out of his way to spread the message that the gay population is not worthy of the respect that everyone else is?!”

Join the club Alan. Shut down Gitmo and end torture. Real Health care reform. An end to our illegal and immoral wars. Now we can ad support for gay rights to the long list of progressive issues that the Democrats build careers campaigning on only to toss aside like some heterosexual über macho athlete abandons his cancer stricken wife to send picture of his pee pee in hopes of sticking it into some coed with a boob job.

That’s right, the Democrats are the Brett Favre of politics: Old, flaccid narcissists full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. Sure, the Republicans have pandered so much to the Palin’s and the Beck’s whipping everyone up into a nationalist white randian regressive religious frenzy that should the Republicans win in 2010 and carry that momentum far enough to evict Obama from the White House in 2012,  we are just that much closer to fascism, but the Democrats will take your vote for granted and continue on the same path that the USA has been on since the unnecessary mass murders of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

 Both parties will sell out the middle class quicker than Jim Kramer can yell “booya!” and both parties do not question the Bush doctrine of kill first, build a base second, and ask questions never.

So what is a progressive stuck in the two-party “choose between the lesser of two evils to do” at the ballot booth on November 2nd?

 It is time for progressives, just like Alan Cumming, to come out of the closet and demand that Democrats no longer take our vote or granted.

We don’t need a fucking rally to restore sanity, if sanity is, as David Swanson recently put it “seeking out “middle ground” on the propositions that lie between advocacy for peace and justice and advocacy for glorifies racist ignorance and corporatism?

 We need a left-wing with bigger balls than Brett Favre to hijack the Democratic Party.

This is Not MoveOn.Org’s Bulls**T Campaign Ad

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Sam Stein, reporting for the HuffingtonPost, writes:

In the last round of ads it will run before the election, the progressive advocacy group is going back to the well, raising the specter of well-resourced corporations overwhelming the vote of regular citizens.

Airing in 28 different races, the spot took obvious, painstaking effort to produce, featuring actual voters in that specific district reading portions of the script. But by getting authentic narrators to deliver the message there is some additional resonance.

Here is the MoveOn spot:


To bad ignores the Democrats complicity in the clusterfuck of our current 2 party duopoly.

No Cure For That has responded withthe following ad:

This Ad is not paid for by the corporate front groups, oil billionaires, or foreign entities that are trying to buy this election for the Republicans.

And this Ad is not paid for by Wall Street Hedge Fund managers trying to ensure that finical regulation remains a dirty word for Democrats.

And this ad is not paid for by the military industrial complex, who have ensured that not matter which of the major parties are in power, we will continue to spend and kill well past our economic and moral limits.

This is our ad, made by hard working, independent Americans.

This November 2nd, let the GOP know that they are batshit crazy. The left wing lost the culture wars of the 1990s, but we welcome the opportunity for CW2. (4 continued)

This November 2nd, let the Democrats know that they have taken your vote for granted for to long. You gave them 2006. You gave them 2008. They failed you in every way.

This November 2nd, go to the ballot box and vote Green, 3rd party, or cast a protest vote by writing in: “NO CURE FOR THAT”.

The 2010 Mid Term Elections: The Progressive Dilemma (redux)

by Davis Fleetwood
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With only 14 days remaining until the mid term elections Democrats, liberals and progressives are either unmotivated or completely defeated. We no longer stand for anything, it seems, save the restoration of sanity.

Not that the Jon Stewart siren song is without seduction. If the 2006 and 2008 elections have taught Democrats and those on the left anything at all it is that your new boss is much like the old boss, with game changing differences notable not in foreign policy (we still kill first and ask questions later) nor in domestic policy (Even in the face of the biggest wealth grab and upward redistribution of wealth in the history of the world, the white house still answers to Wall Street first, the people 2nd). With that said, there is plenty of insanity to go around. The GOP, heavily favored to lay down an ass whooping on the Democrats on November 2nd, has been successfully hijacked by a radian regressive christian conservative movement.

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