Why Elana Kagan?

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by Davis Fleetwood

Pop quiz: Elana Kagan will be the next Supreme Court Justice because
A) Clinton & Obama like and trust her, and most liberals like and trust Clinton & Obama.
B) Republicans will not put up a fight during confirmation hearings because they know Kagan will move the court to the right.
C) She has no judicial experience
D) She stands for nothing

The White House announced today that that President Obama has nominated good friend and White House solicitor general Elana Kagan to replace Justice John Paul Stevens. Her nomination process appears to be without a significant obstacle. Which brings us back to today’s pop quiz.

Why will Kagan be the next Supreme Court Justice? Is it

A) because Clinton & Obama like and trust her, and most liberals like and trust Clinton & Obama?

That could be it. Progressives were asked to sell their souls- if you like religious metaphors- prior to the 2008 election. The mantra was “get Obama elected firsts, and then hold his feet to the fire in pursuit of a progressive agenda.” Remember? Even Progressive champions like Noam Chomsky and Naomi Wolfe converted many progressives through their preaching so that Obama could then preach to the converted.  Now that Obama is in the White House, part two of the master plan (pursue a progressive agenda) has taken a back seat to “shut the fuck up you crazy hippie pie in the sky faggot basterd communists this is the real world and there is no room for you here”.

The left has moved center, taking many self described liberals with it and left the progressive agenda dangling by its fingernails at the high end of an unevenly weighted seesaw.
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