Tea Party Ad: “Come Home To God”

Sarah Palin’s Real American Stories: A Kindler, Gentler Form of Propaganda

Sarah Palin: Real American Stories
by Davis Fleetwood
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Sarah Palin’s first TV special aired on Fox last night.

If you missed it, it will re-air Easter Sunday at 9PM. Christ has died, Christ has risen, but after seeing Sarah Palin’s Real American Stories, if Christ does “come again” to save these libertarian murderers- I’ll choose the 9th circle of hell rather than spend eternity with these ass-hats, thank you very much.

Heroism, Courage, generosity and the warrior spirit those are things that unite all Americans. With this, the ½ term Alaska Governor, former VP nominee, runner up for Miss Wasilla 1984, and current headlining act for the tea party terrorist tour, began her much anticipated one hour Fox Special.

And then, to music recorded on a special new machine made from recycled heartstrings, Palin trotted out her stories.

Among them a canned interview, with a Sarah Palin voice over superimposed over 1-year-old Fox News Coverage of Toby Keith discussing the inspiration for his best selling hit “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue.” There is no doubt that the country song has made a huge impact on the warrior spirit culture of American Life. I wonder how many men and women, who, at last call at some bar popped Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” on the jukebox and then vowed, after one last shot of Jack Daniels, to enlist in the Army. I wonder how many of them died or are currently dealing with life altering injuries sustained in a war based on lies that had nothing to do with protecting – as Miss Wasilla- I’m sorry- I mean the runner up to Miss Wasilla 1984- our “American Way of Life.”

Certainly this did not seem to apply to another profile on last night’s show: Jason Dunham, a heroic Marine who gave his life to save his comrades in Iraq. When a grenade was dropped amongst his men by an Iraqi insurgent (an by insurgent we mean someone with the balls to protest the illegal invasion and occupation of their country by an imperialist Empire) Jason Dunham did not run, he placed his helmet atop the grenade. His friends were saved. Dunham died. And while this example certainly satisfies the opening thesis of Palin’s program, Heroism, Courage, generosity and the warrior spirit, can we not agree and acknowledge that the tears we shed for Jason Dunham are not tears of pried, but of shame that he died in vain?

The most effective story Palin pandered last night was that of George Weiss, and his SAY YES program. Weiss, is a wealthy businessman who helps prepare underprivileged students for college and pays for their education. He famously walked into a 6th grade classroom in a rough section of Philadelphia some years ago and told all of the kids there that if they graduated high school, he would personally pay for their college education.

And then he backed it up.

George Weiss is a hero in my book. But are we to rely, as Palin remarked, on the power of the “voluntary private sector contribution to recognize where a need is, and how the can jump in and help.”

Yes, friends, Real American Stories is a feel good libertarian manifesto that aspires, not so much to Glenn Beck saber rattling, but to a kinder, gentler approach of propaganda.

But are we, as Sarah Palin told her exclusively white Fox studio audience, to bank on a future that relies on the voluntary private sector contribution to remedy the evils of inequity brought on by that very same unregulated private sector?

The rate of poverty in the United States is more than three times as great as Switzerland, a government that functions much like Federal Republic with a spoon full of socialism thrown in for good measure. The Swiss are, by all accounts, much happier than Americans, living as they do in a much more equitable society. Then again, they don’t have to spend so much money on their military, the bloated wasteful budget of which accounts for more than 50% the expenditures of the U.S. government to fund what the Cover Girl for Tea Party Terrorism calls the warrior spirit of America.


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