Jon Stewart Calls Fox “The Lupus of News,” Says “Go F*ck Yourself” With Backing From a Gospel Choir

Stewart Vs. Fox, round 1,341
by Davis Fleetwood
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This summer, the Right Network will premiere, making Fox News look like very middle of the road by comparison. Until that next chapter in the infotainment culture wars begins, it sure is fun watching John Stewart pick apart the regressive windbags at Fox.

Last week John Stewart ended yet another critique of Fox news hypocrisy with a line that could only have been penned by a team of highly paid writers when he said, in a shot heard round the internets, “You know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, go Fuck yourselves.”

Stewart opened last night’s show by breaking down the Fox News rebuttal, offered up by Bernie Goldberg, whose sniveling direct address to Stewart served like slow pitch batting practice pitches that Stewart dutifully hit over the fence- erupting into a gospel number in which had Stewart dancing and testifying, gospel style, while he and his background singers repeatedly sang “Go Fuck Yourself.” And his writers earned their paycheck when Stewart said:

“Fox News is such a crazy overreaction to the perceived threat of the liberal pathogen in evidence at NBC, ABC & CBS, that it is like an autoimmune disorder. I’m not saying the virus does not exist in some small quantity, but you are producing way to many antibodies. Fox News: You’re the Lupus of News.”

As Stewart points out again and again, Fox cannot win this argument and maintain it’s “Fair and balanced” moniker. Stewart, as he himself contends, is not drifting into the news category. The News is drifting into his. Continue reading