Tiger Woods Nike Ad VIDEO: Has Tiger Woods just jumped the shark?

Tiger Woods Nike Ad VIDEO: Has Tiger Woods just jumped the shark?
by Davis Fleetwood

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In a Nike ad released today, Tiger’s dead father Earl- a known adulterer, speaks to Tiger from the grave as Tiger looks directly into the camera. The corporate parent of Tiger Woods can’t scold their golden child, so Nike resurrects Earl Woods to do it for them.

Nike is one of the only sponsors not to drop Tiger after his years long sexual rampage came to an end when his wife upsided his head with a 6 iron, sending him to the hospital and later into the protective cover of the hottest new celebrity confessional 12 step program- sex addiction.

In the new ad, Tiger never says a word. Before the Nike swooshes fills the screen, Earl Woods, from the grave, says to his son: “I am more prone to be inquisitive. To promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. What your feeling are, and if you have learned anything.”

Tiger does his best to look contrite. To me, he looks like a rich spoiled 13 year old who just got busted for some really bad shit. Not your typical teenage shit, either – like smoking pot and having sex with your best friends mom. No, more like drunk driving your car off the bridge into a channel and then waiting twelve hours to tell the police that your date sunk to the bottom as well.

But is what Tiger did that wrong? One the one hand, it is not like he took performance enhancing drugs. He didn’t, for instance, have sex with Marilyn Monroe in the White House while the Cuban Missile Crisis was playing out. He did not lie to Congress, the UN and the American public to gain support for an illegal and immoral war that has killed over 1 million innocent Iraqis.

He just fucked a few waitresses.

On the other hand he does need to make things right with his wife, his kids, and his family. All of this vague public supplication (even though he will not say “sex addiction”), this kneeling and begging for forgiveness at the church of Dr. Drew so that he can reconcile himself with the corporate behemoth he carries on his back and get the assembly lines running again strikes me not so much as the actions of a Buddhist searching for his path but more like a Frankenstein monster programmed to run on the fuel of fame, money, and celebrity.

By appearing in the ad that Nike launched today, Tiger just began his metamorphosis that will transform him from this generations Michael Jordan into this generations Michael Jackson.

It is one thing to sell your soul, but in refinancing his deal with the devil and throwing in his father’s soul for good measure, Tiger Woods has just jumped shark.


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