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– by Davis Fleetwood

In the 36 hours since Israel committed the war crime of murdering an unknown number of civilians on a ship they invaded in international waters, CNN and other major media outlets have turned their airwaves over to the Israeli propaganda machine to wage a one-way debate: a Goliath pummeling an absentee David.  This is a conflict where Biblical allusions take on extra significance, where the old testament is waved about like a real estate deed and where the U.S. stands hip to hip, check by jowl and arm over should with Israel against the rest of the world brutally enforcing a military and media policy that can be summed up with the phrase FREE ISREAL, FUCK PALESTINE.

As an occupier, Israel is responsible for the welfare of the 1.5 million residents of the Gaza strip, 65% of whom are under 18. That is not some bleeding heart liberal moral code talking, that is international law. Instead, for four years running, Israel has put the residents of Gaza on a diet intent on achieving the fashionable “Nazi Death Camp look”.

Over the weekend, a boat filled with life saving supplies and 600-peace activists intent on reaching Gaza was raided and attacked by the Israeli military. The result- at least 10 dead and 30 injured.
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