This is Not MoveOn.Org’s Bulls**T Campaign Ad

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Sam Stein, reporting for the HuffingtonPost, writes:

In the last round of ads it will run before the election, the progressive advocacy group is going back to the well, raising the specter of well-resourced corporations overwhelming the vote of regular citizens.

Airing in 28 different races, the spot took obvious, painstaking effort to produce, featuring actual voters in that specific district reading portions of the script. But by getting authentic narrators to deliver the message there is some additional resonance.

Here is the MoveOn spot:


To bad ignores the Democrats complicity in the clusterfuck of our current 2 party duopoly.

No Cure For That has responded withthe following ad:

This Ad is not paid for by the corporate front groups, oil billionaires, or foreign entities that are trying to buy this election for the Republicans.

And this Ad is not paid for by Wall Street Hedge Fund managers trying to ensure that finical regulation remains a dirty word for Democrats.

And this ad is not paid for by the military industrial complex, who have ensured that not matter which of the major parties are in power, we will continue to spend and kill well past our economic and moral limits.

This is our ad, made by hard working, independent Americans.

This November 2nd, let the GOP know that they are batshit crazy. The left wing lost the culture wars of the 1990s, but we welcome the opportunity for CW2. (4 continued)

This November 2nd, let the Democrats know that they have taken your vote for granted for to long. You gave them 2006. You gave them 2008. They failed you in every way.

This November 2nd, go to the ballot box and vote Green, 3rd party, or cast a protest vote by writing in: “NO CURE FOR THAT”.