RIAA Issues Ban on Anymore “We Are the World” Recordings (Particularly for Iceland)

This article originally appeared in The Umpteenth Times. written by Ara Von Niv

NEW YORK–”Iceland? Oh, give me a break already,” groaned Blane Skipreddy, Director for Charity Efforts for RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). “We’re not permitting any of our artists to do anything for Iceland. We just find it to be a low-empathy zone.”

Recently, Broadway stars had begun discussions about a second remake of “We Are the World” to benefit victims of Chile’s disasters. That effort was quashed by the nation itself. Now, musicians left out of the original and the recent remake are looking to get in on the act anyway possible.

“We all have some goodwill to contribute,” remarked Barnn Dailor, drummer for Mastodon. “Just because we actually have talent and musical abilities doesn’t mean we should be left out in the cold. Hey, if they want, they can saturate our voices with studio effects also. Whatever. Just so we can lend a helping hand.”

Nicko McBrain, drummer for Iron Maiden, the mastermind behind an attempt to record the infamous song for Iceland, added, “At first, I called some of the guys and they were all gung-ho. The problem was coordinating schedules and what not. Then when I told them I ordered fifty half kegs of Bass Original Ale, all of a sudden the phone was ringing off the hook and everyone was suddenly free.”

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