Angels, Aliens and Accountability

By Anonymous ♦ acronym march 2010

Many rhetorical quips have been chirped out across media venues all over the United States in recent months.  Such pearls of common sense justice and morality can be found in blogs and emails across the web; catch phrases like “fiscal responsibility”, “financial accountability”, “self-discipline in spending” and all other manner of popular cliché’s as they relate to people’s individual spending behavior and the economic downturns we’ve been experiencing since 2008.

The majority of people tend to point their fingers at “big banks” and other large corporate entities and cry out, “villain”, “thief” and “elite tyrants” with an almost psychopathic glee.  While the second largest target of this self-righteous finger pointing are minorities, particularly “welfare” recipients and illegal aliens. And of course the ever familiar chanting from the right about, “Those damn liberals – all they want to do is throw our hard earned money at worthless causes and losers” or from the left, “Those neo-conservatives have their proverbial sticks so far up their proverbial asses they don’t give a crap about saving their fellow man.”  There is so much blaming and hyperbole flowing through the digital soup, it makes one likely to feel sick to their stomach after a spoonful or two.

But yet NO ONE seems to wish to unclothe the emperor or call out the real mammoth in the room.  Denial, mirroring and projection seem to be the new addiction and epidemic in this fine country of ours for which the only cure seems to be in the total and complete annihilation of our current societal structure.

Most people (and I say that loosely, because another propensity of current human culture is to find every reason under the sun to disagree with each other just for the sake of being disagreeable or proving “the other guy” wrong) are not willing to take a long, hard look at their own complicity in the impending death of humanity.  You may think I am some fringer or nut in saying and completely believing that, but I think it is practical, not prescient, to understand that unless something HUGE and significantly culturally altering occurs in the very near future we each will be responsible for helping usher in the literal destruction of humanity as we know it.  NONE of us are willing to take an inventory of our own contributions this horrible miasma of crap we created, nor are most of us willing to make the simplest of changes in how we view each other or the world around us.  We want what we want, and dammit, it’s our RIGHT and not only is it OUR right, but it’s ALWAYS the other guy’s fault.

So I ask you, please, to consider the following for a moment.  Hate on me if you like, vilify me and scrutinize every word I’ve written to find some righteous justification to bare your fangs and rip another piece of flesh from a fellow human being.  But please, all I ask, is that before you do that…at least take a few minutes to really READ what I’m suggesting below and let it sink in enough to consider it.

1) The idea that this planet can produce infinite, unending resources is a denial myth.  No matter how quickly we try to come up with ways to extend the FINITE resources this planet provides, no savior of religion, science of technology can perform alchemy by changing “finite limits” into “the infinite”.  And simply pretending this is not a problem does not cause some angel or fairy or yet-to-be-seen aliens to come and wave their magic wands or energy rods to magically replenish this planet with resources every time we bankrupt them.  When we have depleted every square inch of soil, polluted every ounce of water and killed off every edible living thing there simply will be NO MORE.  And then, rich or poor, wise or silly, religious or completely faithless – we will all cease to be.

2) Understanding that population control – a responsible willingness by all to realize this planet can only sustain so many living, breathing humans on it at any given time – is not an agenda item at the latest ‘elitist conspiracy convention’.  It is not the rhetoric of some diabolical and godless minion of the ‘evil one’ nor is it simply a talking point for some dippy hippy.  It is a simple and immutable FACT. Think of the world as a pizza, and all of us as guests at one giant pizza party.  Bottom line is no matter how much we deny it isn’t so, that pizza can only serve so many people. No matter how small you cut the slices, eventually, if the number of guests invited to the party continues to grow, there will be no more pizza left for anyone.

3) NO ONE is born better or less than anyone else.  NO ONE has a value that is greater than another’s. You can think this rhetorical crap all you want – but THIS thinking is the greatest evil we have ever foisted upon one another.  The idea that any one living, breathing being is MORE valuable or LESS valuable than another may have originated from instinct and the biological constant of “survival” – but ultimately serves our continuing movement toward self-destruction.  As we slide down the slippery slope of obfuscation by applying any number of complex arguments and situations to this simple ideal, we lose sight of the basic facts.  Whether you wish you were the only person alive, or you think only you and people LIKE you deserve <insert resource or benefit here> it does not CHANGE empirical evidence.  WE ARE ALL EQUALLY valuable and EQUALLY expendable.

And yet, cannot survive without one another.  Yes, each of us, individually, can indeed do many things – but we learned long ago, since the time we first walked erect, that traveling and working together in groups, extended our chances for survival against wild beasts and the elements exponentially.

4) For all our so-called advances in science, technology, industry, manufacturing – all of these and any others you can name, NONE OF THEM can make a valid, fact-based case that nullifies the concept that simplicity IS a sustainable means to an end.  The layers of complexity in our quest for becoming more “advanced” or “sophisticated” are nothing more than our ridiculous and selfish desire to conquer the unconquerable – DEATH.  No scientific discovery, no re-engineered cells, no dark matter or Boson Higgs particle will CHANGE yet another immutable fact – to everything there IS A SEASON and to EVERYTHING there is a beginning and an END.  Understanding and accepting this FACT with a sense of seasoned responsibility and dignity, will ultimately be our SALVATION, not our destruction.

This planet was once populated by large groups of indigenous “simple livers” – Native Americans, the Inuit, the Aborigines, the San Bushmen to name a few. But instead of learning powerful wisdom and practical application from understanding how these groups lived so well in tandem with the world around them in a sustainable fashion, we destroyed their simple way of life to replace it with a “better” more “sophisticated” quality of life.

We teach our children to “follow the golden rule” and that there are consequences for each choice and action we take, both good and bad, and yet somehow, as adults, we seem to lose sight of these teachings.  In the ultimate example of “Do as I say, not as I do” (and we know how effective that is), we deny the truth of these statements as we cross the socially movable line of childhood to adulthood.  Apparently these things are nothing more than whimsical, rhetorical quotes and ideological frosting best served on cupcakes for kids.

Until each of us takes responsibility for our own contributions to the horrible downward spiral we’re all swept up in, nothing can save us.  Blaming the other guy for the ills of the world may serve to mollify our self-righteous indignation or may help us feel less guilty as we continue to take actions and make decisions that fatten each of us individually, while starving others, but it will do nothing to help stem the pandemic we’ve created.  So the next time you point that very shiny, steady and glowing index finger of “responsibility” and “accountability” at someone, make sure that the same measurement tool by which you use to judge the guilt of another is the exact same measurement tool by which you can be judged and called to account.

Corporations are FAT because we ALL purchase their goods and services.  The evil and biased media is created and sustained by our continuing to tune in and be spectators and collaborators of their content.  Real Estate moguls who “ripped us off” do so because we are their consumers.  Big pharma and medical companies reap unholy riches off of our willingness and desire to defeat mortality and live forever and government is corrupt because we continue to allow them to be.  So the next time you call out “thief”, “crook” or “charlatan”, how about taking a look in the mirror of your own soul.  While painful, it can be both a humbling and enlightening experience.  And one that will likely change you forever, enabling you to become a part of a potential solution, rather than an aider and abettor to the on-going decay of life on this planet as we know it.