The Anti-American Manifesto ♦ Olbermann Returns ♦ Kendra Wilkinson’s Playboy Pictorial

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Davis Fleetwood

Playboy magazine’s Kendra Wilkinson is doing her thing to make motherhood sexy, Keith Olbermann gets out of detention and more crazy left-wing radicals come out of the woodwork calling for violent revolution.

This is the Hermit with Davis Fleetwood for November 10th.

Okay so yesterday, I had some fun at Glenn Beck’s expense for whipping his Archie Bunker Racist Regressive audience into frenzy about a coming “Event”- an Oklahoma City Style event that would be launched by the radical left so that Obama could step in to unite the Country.

Enter stage left, cartoonist Ted Rall, who began his publicity tour for a book called The Anti American Manifesto. Ted Rall appeared on yesterday on MSNBC’s Dylan Rattigan show (video below transcript), where Dylan lobbed in the question: “Are things in our country so bad, that it may be time for a revolution? The answer obviously is ‘yes’ ,the only question is ‘how to do it?”

Note to over eager Glenn Beck fans: Rattigan himself did not qualify the noun “revolution” with the adjective “violent”, but he does not have a book to sell. Rall does, and I am buying it. Matter of fact, I am going to make The “Anti American Manifesto” the Davis Fleetwood book of the month selection.

It reminds me of a satirical project that I launched and abandoned well over a year ago called the 9/12 project- a rejoinder to the Glenn Beck 9/10 project that was calling for the peaceful break up of the United States into four smaller countries.

Perhaps I will bring the 9/12 Project back. Show of hands for those interested in that?

In any event, get ready your pens, Photoshop plug-ins, or weapon of choice and listen to this excerpt from Rall’s book:


“Nothing lasts forever, empires least of all. And this one, which only began to expand in earnest circa the year 1900, doesn’t feel like it has the staying power of ancient Rome. But we’re not here to talk about the vague possibility of collapse at some point in the future. We are here — in this book and within this historical moment — because the collapse feels as though it is currently in progress. We are here because the U.S. is going to end soon. There’s going to be an intense, violent, probably haphazard struggle for control. It’s going to come down to us versus them. The question is: What are you going to do about it?”


Indeed, what will we do about it?

Many of us will continue to watch from the sidelines, content to let our anger get channeled through the likes Keith Olbermann, who returned from his trip to afterschool detention last night completely giddy over all of the press he got for getting smacked down by the man. Good for Olbermann: it is a hard sell to paint your self as oppressed underdog when you are a millionaire with an hour a night on cable TV. He and Conan O’Brien have cracked the code on this one, now how do I get me an hour a night on cable?

What will we do about it?

Even armchair sociologists know that a statistical majority anesthetized themselves through immersion in video games, drugs, and alcohol or simply grab the latest playboy and rub one out.

Kendra Wilkinson, Playboy’s “unstoppable girl” is on the December cover, conquering the world. Kendra motive? Money.?

No, she is a queen of the underground sex tape industry and the wife of an NFL football player, she does not want for money. Her reason was to empower women who have given birth to feel sexy. The only problem is, the photos that appear in December’s playboy were taken before she ever got pregnant. Her husband did not approve of the post childbirth photos, and so they never made it into print.

How that for empowerment?

I think I’ll leave December’s playboy on the newsstand, and look for empowerment in Ted Rall’s new book.

5 thoughts on “The Anti-American Manifesto ♦ Olbermann Returns ♦ Kendra Wilkinson’s Playboy Pictorial

  1. I really worry what could happen in the southern states if there were secession movements. Many secession groups in that region call for the return of a male dominated society that should be completely Christian and all minorities must be cleansed.

  2. For the life of me I do not understand why so many folks have no sense of the movement of modern history. Lets go back 75 years and take a look. Two ideologies, fascism and communism, were vying for power. In the process, they murdered vast numbers of people. THOSE were “extreme.” In the United States, we had the New Deal to ameliorate the Great Depression, though of course – and ironically – it was WWII that actually ended same. What did the New Deal and WWII have in common? The government set the parameters of economic activity with the idea that people must not be allowed to fall beyond a certain point, and with the Keynesian understanding that the “rising tide” that would lift all boats was a huge and vibrant middle class. More people with more bucks means everybody gets nominally rich.

    Most of the wealthiest people in this country saw that this was a good thing, especially for their bottom lines. But of course there was a hard-core right-wing coterie who despised Roosevelt and the New Dealers on basic principals. These people honestly believed that if a person was unable or unwilling to work hard they should starve. The utter moral depravity of that viewpoint, its brutality, was self-evident to most other people in this country throughout the 30s, 40s and 50s. During the 1960s, that began to change, and it was the old curse of racism that was the lever. The spanking new middle class, forgetting that if the likes of Hoover and Coolidge had stayed in the White House and Congress for the previous 30 years most of them would be dead of starvation, decided that blacks, latinos and hispanics, homosexuals, and women were displaying outrageous arrogance and ingratitude, and started yanking up the floor beneath which they themselves had not been allowed to fall. Of course, their children and grandchildren, even their great-grandchildren, would be the ones to eventually fall.

    Ronald Reagan’s political ascendancy tracks this trend very precisely. Reagan had no problem with the New Deal when it was saving his ass from starvation in the early 30s. No, it was only once left-liberalism was helping those other people that he began having a problem with it. And his elevation was no accident. He was part of a large group of right-wing extremists from Orange County, California (including such slave-driving hash magnates as the McDonalds brothers, Ray Kroc, Karl Karcher, George Bell, etc.) who decided that the problem with the poor was that they “had too much money.” Starting in 1980, with Reagan’s election, and with the assistance of the appropriately named Arthur Laffer and other earnest supply-siders, the social Darwinists of the modern age began to work their black magic across the land.

    And 30 years later, here we are: another Great Depression. For those of you who doubt that, the real unemployment rate – when factoring all those who, since the Carter years, have not been officially counted, is 22%. In 1933 it was 25%. And the other shoe – the countless local, county and state governments who will go flat broke at the end of Q1 2011 – has yet to drop.

    Wage, housing and health guarantees are not extremism, they are humane interventions with an otherwise grossly inhumane system.

    Here’s another way of looking at it: everyone points to the “failure” of communism and Marxist ideology more generally, in the sense that we should never again make such a “mistake.” And yet we have repeated the most hideous mistakes of capitalism over and over and over (1890s, 1930s, ’00s). Why is that? Could it be that those capitalist mistakes have enriched people, and that people in a given era know that, and hope that, this time around, they will be the ones enriched?

  3. Yesterday a 10-instant cartridge holder from Kendra Wilkinson’s adolescent
    gender video recording bang the cyberspace (it’s NSFW but you’re on your
    ain to Google it). And what I byword was exasperating to
    me. I’m not enraged because I wealthy person whatever job
    with observance sexual practice on videotape – for the record, I watched the Pirates erotica final week, and it was meliorate than 75% of the mainstream movies
    I’ve seen this twelvemonth. No gag. And commonly these
    celeb excite tapes don’t chafe me either,
    only this unmatchable in detail pisses me away.
    Kendra doesn’t truly need to be videotaped. She says so on quite an a few occasions.

    “Please don’t do it,” she says. “Please?”
    “Kendra,” he says, steamed. “I’m barely zooming in. Just go.”
    “Can you not?”
    “You’ll like it. Trust me. Watch. Go.”

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