Democrats vs. Republicans: A Call to Arms

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Davis Fleetwood

Watching George Bush do his publicity talk show tour to publicize his memoir, DECISION POINTS, I could not help think- how impotent does one have to become, Matt Lauer, before you hand picked among the impotent members of the fawning corporate media to pitch soft balls to a living former president who will ride his blithe and arrogant admissions of war crimes all the way to the top of New York Times Best seller list?

But then I immediately think the following: George Bush and Republicans all, every last one of them, are shit stains on the sweat drenched panties of a 2 dollar street walker who is suffering from rectal bleeding in the aftermath of a Taco Bell binge on humid night on mean streets of Memphis.

Is that clear?

I know that Jon Stewart is riding his wave of lets all be nice nice and meet in the middle for polite, sane hyperbole free conversation, grabbing enough moderate slacktivist with him to overtake, for the first time ever, Letterman and Leno in the late night ratings game.

But Stewart, whose heart was in the right place, never the less made a few boneheaded, narrow-minded errors while contorting himself to give equal criticism of the left and the right in the lead up to his million moderate meh fest.

Bill Mahr recently pointed out that Stewart was critical of both sides using overheated rhetoric in that the right was equating Obama with Hitler and the left was calling George Bush a war criminal. Except, thinking Obama is like Hitler is utterly unfounded, but thinking Bush is a war criminal? That’s the opinion of General Anthony Tugabu, who headed the Army’s investigation of Abu Ghraib.

One bit of stigma that liberals and progressives need to get past is the idea that we are elitist snobs. In trying to accommodate all points of view and invite debate, we progressives have been to accommodating and ignored one simple fact: we are right. Republicans, Conservative, Tea baggers are regressive. They are wrong.

I know at times it is difficult to see the forest through the trees, but think:

When conservative forces in the south were arguing for separate but equal facilities for blacks during the civil rights struggle, does any version of history look back and exonerate the apes that held onto the conservative position?

With the benefit of hindsight, is there anyone who can say that the toll, in human lives was worth out involvement in the Vietnam War? It was progressives who wanted us out of that war based on lies sold to us by men like Robert McNamara.

Twenty years from now, when you are trying to explain to children why there was so much debate over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Gay Marriage, whose side will you be on? The Fred Phelps hate mongers and Military macho dick wavers who want to keep gays in the closet?

No. Twenty years from now, you will look back at this time and think, what was the problem? Why were we dragging our knuckles like apes?

Place yourself in any one of those historical struggles I mentioned and ask yourself, whose side would you want to be on?

Progressives are so named because we favor progress towards a more equitable and just world, not just change for change sake. To be anything but a liberal progressive is to be regressive.

George Bush is a war criminal. The disparity between the rich and poor in not acceptable. Health care for all, while cutting out the profit based insurance companies- is a non negotiable. Expensive, illegal wars of aggression must end.

On these and so many more issues, there is no middle ground. There is no compromise. And unless you look at the world through confederate flag lenses or clutch to your dashboard Jesus so tight that you are not willing to say with certainty whether the world is 6 thousand or 6million years old, you know this.

It is time to start fighting for it.

Democrats, who in 2006, 2008, and 2010 tried to find a middle ground between the two parties – a middle ground that keep drifting further and further right- need to energize their base of liberal progressives or their base needs must flock to a third party.

2 thoughts on “Democrats vs. Republicans: A Call to Arms

  1. Er…love your stuff, but really, can you be a little more sensitive to the plight of prostitues, who are mostly victims of a patriarchal system that exploits woman? So leave the street walkers out of it. Please. Besides, I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot more fun finding someone even more outlandish to pin the shit stained panties on. Like Boehner or maybe Karl Rove, the snivelling little shit. He reminds me of a South Park character.

  2. Quick Question…. Why are you fighting over a system that will never represent you? It’s not republicans or right wingers that stopped Obama’s real healthcare plans. The Insurance companies who are part of the oligopoly stopped it and padded their pockets. You used to question stuff Davis what happened to you? You turned into a partisan dickhead.

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