2010 Elections: “Oh No We Didn’t!”

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Davis Fleetwood
Four years ago, the Democrats took over Congress. We put them there to stop funding our illegal wars. We wanted President Bush impeached for War crimes. They told us, thanks for your support in getting us into office, but we need to secure the 2008 Presidential election before we do anything radical.

And so, two years ago, they got what they wanted. Yet Congress continued to fund our illegal and immoral wars. And so yesterday, voter engagement on the left was about as enthusiastic as a medical patient suffering a hemorrhoid flare up on the day of a colonoscopy.

And I know Jacob Soberoff’s aptly named organization, “Why Tuesday?”, has covered this ground but why do we vote on Tuesday anyway?

This Tuesday shit is an agrarian era holdover that is a major obstacle to electoral engagement. We vote on Tuesdays in November because it is after harvest & allowed farmers a day to travel to towns & cities (Church on Sunday, work every other day). Why do we still vote on Tuesday when 60% of the population typically does not vote in non-presidential years?

Election day should be a holiday. Or, if the capitalist slave drivers don’t want to give us a day off why can’t we vote on Saturday? Or imagine if elections could take place over – GASP – 2 days on Saturday AND Sunday. Would more people vote? You bet your ass they would. We can only assume that Congress does not want everyone voting.

Seriously, this Tuesday thing is bullshit!

Anyway, if you think that the say no party that spent the last two years waving around the threat of a filibuster like a gun toting militia member at a town hall meeting on health care gave us gridlock, then prepare yourselves for the next two years of what promises to be a slow motion legislative slog fest of nothingness.

Finally, I’d like to share with you an email I received from a friend and viewer who describes, colorfully, succinctly, and accurately why the Tsunami of Obama love hit the shore, went back out to sea, and came rushing back in a Tea Party GOP Tsunami that will usher in a new era of gridlock. He writes:

“Obama turned out to be a business-as-usual politician with his own short-leashed bullies doing his dirty work in the name of Coke vs. Pepsi / Cowboys vs. Redskins / Blur vs. Oasis partisan politics. 20-somethings must have thought that Obama would get elected and start having keggers at the White House. Instead, he got right to work alienating Republicans no less than Bush & Co. alienated Democrats, and his wife gets all the good press on her endless Put Down The Doughnut tour. Obama spent all his political capital on a healthcare plan, the merits of which few believe in. And we’re still in endless wars with international freelance murderers haphazardly trying to kill
Americans every few months. The only that has changed is the amount of lipstick it took to cover Pelosi’s widening smug smile and the growing number of Palin supporters.

The under thirties are going to stay in their cubicle this Election
Day and lie on their facebook pages claiming to have voted.”

Well put, that.

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