Palin Chides Obama Over Gulf Oil Spill: ‘Give Me A Call’

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by Davis Fleetwood

The former Miss Wassilla 1984 wants Barack Obama to pick up the phone and call her so that she can leverage her extensive executive experience and help the President navigate the increasingly murky waters of the BP OIL disaster.

I kid you not. I’ve got another idea; Obama should be calling in the Gambino family to deal with this mess.

Palin wrote that Obama’s comments amount to “further proof that it bodes well to have some sort of executive experience before occupying the Oval Office,” and added that the president should call experts who lived through the 1989 Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska – including herself.

“Based on my experience working with oil execs as an oil regulator and then as a Governor, you must verify what the oil companies claim – because their perception of circumstances and situations dealing with public resources and public trust is not necessarily shared by those who own America’s public resources and trust.”

Okay, I will not waste time absolving Obama here. Despite his recent claims that he is going to whoop some ass, delivered in the same polite tone one might use to deliver an elementary school commencement speech- the white house is to intertwined with wall street and big business to do anything meaningful on the ass kicking front.

However, if Palin is going to suggest that any involvement she- or any other executive in Alaska- had a relationship with Exxon that resulted in anything other than a rape – on so many levels- a casebook study in how corporations violate the citizens of this country while our elected officials stand impotently on the sidelines, then a quick review as some basic facts is required:

1. For the liability incurred for the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill that stretched 1,200 miles from the accident site, and covered 3,200 miles of shoreline and an incredible 10,000 square miles overall Exxon was taken to court. 22,000 plaintiffs sued Exxon.

2.  A jury awarded the plaintiffs $5 billion in damages, equal to what was, at the time, a year’s worth of Exxon profits. This was cut by half by a U.S. appeals court, then finally lowered to just over $500 million by the Supreme Court. During the 20 years of court battles, 6,000 of the original plaintiffs have died. ExxonMobil, with its billions in annual profits and armies of lawyers, can tie up the Valdez case in the courts for decades, while the injured commercial fishers slowly die off.

3. While a whole generation of plaintiff’s waits for justice, the first quarter profits for Exxon in 2010 were 6.3 Billion, up 38% from the first quarter in 2009.

4.  Legal teams for Exxon are currently working overtime in an effort to create the legal framework for a corporate takeover, Gordon Gecko style, of BP. Why would any company want to buy BP, given the liability of the cleanup costs and future lawsuits?
Well, the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, BP’s liability for economic devastation — above the cost of the cleanup — is capped at $75 million. BP CEO Tony Hayward has publicly declared to go above that cap and pay all legitimate claims. The legitimate comes in very old school blue blood British quotation marks, however. Further more, if Exxon were to buy BP, Tony Hayward would just be another unemployed billionaire whose promises will be just another rubber check delivered to the American people.

So, no Miss Wassilla 1984, Barack Obama should not be calling you, or any other wall street executives to seek guidance on how to handle BP.

My hope, for the American people and for justice, is that Obama consults the Gambino crime family. Because while fishes still do exist, it would be nice to see some of the executives swimming with them.


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