Revoke BP’s Charter

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by the Punk Patriot


Capitalism is a force of nature. You may as well ask if one supports a type of gravity. One must keep in mind, however, that markets should serve society, not the other way around.

The type of market that Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Rothbard, and Ayn Rand talk about, is a market that is given complete dominion over society. Society does not exist to serve markets, markets exist to serve society, and because they have the relationship backwards, their theories are destructive.
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– by Davis Fleetwood

In the 36 hours since Israel committed the war crime of murdering an unknown number of civilians on a ship they invaded in international waters, CNN and other major media outlets have turned their airwaves over to the Israeli propaganda machine to wage a one-way debate: a Goliath pummeling an absentee David.  This is a conflict where Biblical allusions take on extra significance, where the old testament is waved about like a real estate deed and where the U.S. stands hip to hip, check by jowl and arm over should with Israel against the rest of the world brutally enforcing a military and media policy that can be summed up with the phrase FREE ISREAL, FUCK PALESTINE.

As an occupier, Israel is responsible for the welfare of the 1.5 million residents of the Gaza strip, 65% of whom are under 18. That is not some bleeding heart liberal moral code talking, that is international law. Instead, for four years running, Israel has put the residents of Gaza on a diet intent on achieving the fashionable “Nazi Death Camp look”.

Over the weekend, a boat filled with life saving supplies and 600-peace activists intent on reaching Gaza was raided and attacked by the Israeli military. The result- at least 10 dead and 30 injured.
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What’s Not to Like About Civil Rights?

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By Marcia Alesan Dawkins. This article originally appeared on TruthDig

Dr. Rand Paul, winner of Kentucky’s GOP primary for the U.S. Senate and a tea party favorite, made headlines recently with regard to statements about the impact of federal legislation on individual rights. Paul’s website claims: “The Federal Government must return to its constitutionally enumerated powers and restore our inalienable rights. America can prosper, preserve personal liberty, and repel national security threats without intruding into the personal lives of its citizens.” This statement sounds perfectly legitimate and libertarian. Yet Paul’s comments on the wisdom of Title II, Section 201 (b) (2), of the 1964 Civil Rights Act have made some wonder what this statement really means. Does it mean, as Paul said in a recent interview with the editorial board of the Louisville Courier-Journal, that legislation like the Civil Rights Act represents an idea not worth liking?

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Christian Anti-Porn Ministries Battle Women’s ‘Porn Addiction’

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Originally posted on Alternet. Written By Lynn Harris

These groups appear to be helpful to many women. But are they ministering to — or even perpetuating — sexual problems the Christian church has created?

Adelaide Brown (not her real name), 29, had, until recently, a big problem with porn. “I would spend every moment after work enthralled in it and stay up almost all night seeking pleasure and relief,” she says.

Hormones and curiosity raging, she wandered into chat rooms at age 13, where she found adult men to be quite generous with nude photos of themselves. That (which she now realizes was abuse) led to an increasingly ardent search for visual stimulation, which ballooned two years ago into endless sessions on PornTube — and what Brown calls full-on addiction. “I would cancel plans with friends and family just so I could be home alone and soak myself in porn,” she says. “It took away my life.”

When Brown, a single schoolteacher in Seattle who calls herself an “outside the box” Christian, tried to confess to a couple of friends, she found they were more judgmental than supportive. Seeking help from conservative Christian books and porn-addiction recovery Web sites — and there are many — made her feel even more alone. “Everywhere I looked, it was all about men. Finding resources for women was nearly impossible,” she says. “There were people who assured me that I was not alone as a woman but I didn’t believe it. I truly believed I was the only woman struggling with this. That just made me even more ashamed.”

Non-Christian resources didn’t help either. “They didn’t really see anything wrong with porn” in the first place, says Brown, who believes masturbation and sex before marriage are wrong, too. Result: “There wasn’t a lot of help out there for me.”

That was until she found XXXChurch, one of the first conservative Christian ministries for problem porn users, and one of the first to reach out specifically to women. “It was when I finally realized that I was not alone as a woman struggling with porn that I gained the confidence and strength I needed to move forward,” Adelaide says.

As the New York Times reported earlier this month, more and more porn-recovery workshops are emerging, in church basements and Web sites, to cater specifically to conservative Christian women. (Here and throughout, “Christian,” even without “conservative,” refers to Christian movements often also described as “fundamentalist” or “evangelical.”) While an easy target for secular snickering, this trend actually — narrowly speaking — may constitute a step forward: providing a haven from shame for women like Brown, for whom non-Christian help might not resonate in the first place, and representing a certain collective, overdue, Christian realization that women have sexual agency at all. But are these groups just ministering to — or even perpetuating — sexual problems the Christian church has had a hand in creating?

The notion that Christian women might, gasp, ever peek at porn is still a “Not in OUR church!” newsflash for some. As XXXChurch founder Craig Gross told the Times, “The problem is, most churches have male leadership, and if you want to pitch a [porn recovery event for women], they’ll say, ‘Our women don’t struggle with that.’” Except, of course, they do; that invisibility, as in Brown’s case, just makes the struggle worse.

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