Obama & BP: Killing you & Killing Me

by Davis Fleetwood

Allison Kilkenny, in her excellent article on True/ Slant yesterday, digs a little deeper into the question many a liberal are asking. Namely: What is Obama supposed to do about BP’s Disaster?

At the time of this writing, BP’s latest experimental bid to plug its seabed oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico (affectionately code named “top kill”) – still hung in the balance. Top executives are still trying to determine how a process that works well on land will or will not work under the extreme pressure of 5,000 feet under the sea.

Officials are scrambling (when do we get to stop calling them “officials and start calling them criminals?), some 37 days into the slow motion destruction of an entire region, because there are no government regulations that required them to have a plan to deal with this eventuality.

Which brings us back to the question: What the hell is Obama supposed to do about it? The truth is, we need oil. Even if we took every Randian Regressive SUV loving American and secretly slipped them fair trade organic coffee and sprinkled some Ed Begley Jr. pixie dust that magically turned everyone in the United States into members of the green party and we elected people like Rev. Billy to office, there is still going to be a significant transition period as we wean ourselves from our suicidal and homicidal addiction to oil.

As a nation, we use nearly 1 out every 4 barrels of oil brought to the world market, yet we only produce 3% of the worlds oil. So, it is hard to criticize Obama for approving additional offshore permits on the one hand while waging his impressive rhetorical finger at BP with the other.

Or is it?

For liberals who have not gotten the memo that it is time to remove the Obama goggle, perhaps. Imagine, my fellow friends on the left, if the same facts were unfolding, with a similar White House response, and John McCain and V.P “Drill Baby Drill” were in the White House.

Again, one has to read below the fold as it were, to dig a little deeper, and we can thank Kilkenny, whose article points the way with an easy to understand little chart illustrating US oil consumption and how little new offshore drilling actually contributes.

So why has the administration has issued seven new permits, and five waivers allowing companies to bypass environmental concerns since the BP oil leak began?

Is it possible that the administration thinks that the rewards we get from the addition of, quite literally, a drop in the bucket, will help outweigh the risks?

And what, exactly are the risks of wind farming? An Air Spill? Or Solar Energy? Sure, at best, solar energy is only a temporary band-aid. Recent calculations indicate that the Sun Will Go Out in a Billion Years.

Or is it more likely that the government, as Kilkenny suggests have “placed the sovereignty of a corporation ahead of the health of the American people?”


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