Sarah Palin: ‘We’re All Arizonans Now’

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Calls for an economic boycott of Arizona continue to heat up, and the latest group to boycott the state is a girl’s high school basketball team from Chicago. They are refusing to attend a girls’ basketball tournament in Arizona because of concerns over the new law.

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The Highland Park girls varsity basketball team had their best season in 26 years, and now these kids are victims in America’s culture wars.  Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson explained: “We would want to ensure that all of our students had the opportunity to be included and be safe and be able to enjoy the experience. We wouldn’t necessarily be able to guarantee that.”

I don’t know.  The Culture Wars have their fingerprints in a number of states laws. Consider that even though a 2003 Supreme Court decision overruled them, there are still a number of states that still have sodomy laws on the books. In Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia it is still a crime to engage in a sexual act that does not look like this: man on top of women, who has a sheet over her, while he clutches a crucifix and she clutches a rosary while they both pray to please please please conceive a child so they don’t have to engage in such a vile, lustful and sinful act as sexual intercourse again.

If we took these sodomy laws seriously, surely every Superintendent in every state would have to ban every high school trip to any of the above-mentioned states. Because high on the list of any good American High School student on an interstate trip is engaging in acts of sodomy.

Should we boycott everyone state below the Mason Dixon line and those crazy prairie states?

The problem is that most progressives don’t want a fight. We are happy to preach to the converted and split rhetorical hairs amongst ourselves in the blogosphere, but cobble together and sort of coalition and actually stand for something? Leverage our political will and get something done? That is so summer of 68 dude.

A boycott of Arizona? Meh.  Sure it makes for a really nifty Facebook group, but it is attacking chopping at the branch and giving water, sunshine and fertilizer the roots.
How about running some of these crazy sheriffs out of town. That is what the Republicans are doing. The 2010-midterm elections will be a blood bath for democrats because the Ayn Randian Racist Regressives have stood together and found a voice inside the Republican Party.

Is Palin in support of a guest worker program that would allow unskilled workers to temporarily work legally in the United States? She won’t say. She is savvy enough to know that politics has almost nothing to do with policy.

Palin did say that people should help the Highland Park team get to Arizona even if the girls have to “go rogue.”

Listen: If Miss Wasilla 1984 can drop a plug for her book into a political rallying cry, don’t think I’m going to miss an opportunity to do the same. Because while we can decry their positions, the Tea baggers tactics have helped them hijack the GOP, while progressives sit with our thumb up our collective ass and wait for Obama to deliver on a promise that he never made. Because friends, when we go back and read the transcripts without our hope, change and yes we can goggles obfuscating what history will render obvious, we will be forced to admit that Obama’s promise was high on metaphor and thin on substance.
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3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: ‘We’re All Arizonans Now’

  1. As a rule, I don’t do business with racist organizations like the state of Arizona. The benefit of an organized boycott is that we can report to Arizona voters the aggregate economic impact of individuals like me voting with their feet as a response to their government’s racist stance.

  2. Giving the image the american people sell of themselves, it’s very, very surprising to find someone with such lucidity in the US. Congratulations and good luck from Brazil, man!

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