Times Square Terror: Drone Blowback?

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by Davis Fleetwood

The New York Post, relying on anonymous “law-enforcement sources,” says that accused the accused Time Square attacker Faisal Shahzad was an “eyewitness” to the unmanned “onslaught throughout the eight months he spent in Pakistan beginning last summer.” And that he tried to bomb Times Square as payback for American drone attacks in Pakistan.

In a video made prior to the attack, the Pakistani Taliban leader Qari Hussain Mehsud said “the attack is a revenge” for “the recent rain of drone attacks,” and for the slaying of extremist leaders in Iraq and Pakistan.

President Obama has taken the unilateral Bush pre-emptive strategy to new levels of alienated remove. U.S. military personal can now control unmanned drones remotely in front of screens that imitate video games with life like accuracy.

Life imitating art.

There have been about 120 American drone strikes in Pakistan since early 2008 that have killed approximately 1,000 people. Warnings from Counterinsurgency and counterterror experts that these attacks create more enemies than they kill fall on deaf ears when those ears are attached to the heads of men and women in the white house and the pentagon.

Like Nuclear weapons, the U.S. is in front of the curve with this new drone technology. Unlike nuclear technology, unmanned drone fighter technology is not, pardon the pun, rocket science. Soon all the cools kids on the block: Russia, Israel, China, Iran, Germany, etc will have drone technology. And with the U.S. leading by example in laying the moral framework under which the newest killing machines are used we can look forward to an era of targeted killings executed by unmanned drones with exponentially increasing collateral damage in a metropolis near you!

The Bush doctrine, like a shitty Ray William Johnson video, is going viral with the help of Barack Obama’s foreign policies. And the failed Time Square terror attack, and the success stories that are sure to follow it….  that is the future of blowback.


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