BREAKING: Large Air Spill at Wind Farm. A defiant Sarah Palin says “Blow, Baby, Blow!”

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H/T: R-Legit for breaking this story first
by Davis Fleetwood.

One of the Nations largest wind farms continues to struggle with an air spill raging out of control with no end in sight. The air spill has tripled in size over the last three days and it could be as much as one month before the air spill is under control.

Despite the breakdown, residents near the accident site claim no noticeable disruption to their lives. Some even claim to enjoy the offshore breezes.

President Barack Obama visited the disaster site over the weekend and reiterated his support for wind power saying, “I continue to believe that domestic wind production is an important part of our overall strategy for energy security.”

Even stronger voices came from the right wing.

Sarah Palin dubbed the air spill “very tragic” but added: “I want our country to be able to trust the Wind Farm industry.”

Speaking to a republican crowd over the weekend, Palin said the “U.S. must wean itself from foreign oil in order to be truly free.”

“We’ve got to move forward with wind farms projects because energy security will be the key to our prosperity,” Palin remarked.

The timing of the remarks is crucial. Monday, after nine years of wrangling and disagreement about whether to build a wind farm offshore near Cape Cod, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has just announced approval for the project – 130 turbines in Nantucket Sound.

Cape Wind says it can generate power by 2012 and aims to eventually supply three-quarters of the power on Cape Cod, which has about 225,000 residents. Similar projects are planned off New Jersey and Delaware coasts. The late U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy fought Cape Wind, citing the aesthetically challenged wind farm would be visible from the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis port and lower property values.

“Ted is dead.” Quipped a defiant Palin. “I say ‘Blow baby Blow’”.


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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Large Air Spill at Wind Farm. A defiant Sarah Palin says “Blow, Baby, Blow!”

  1. This is obviously inspired by George Bush’s joke of invading Iraq because of an Al Qaeda attack. Even if you believe it’s worth erecting sprawling wind energy facilities, they have nothing to do with oil drilling.

  2. Typically, wind energy systems for homes include high-end point with five rotating blades against the wind. To what extent the wind towers should be in your home depends on factors such as relative wind speed in your area, a high tower to lower the wind speed and the area where the tower is shorter for more wind zones speed

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