TAX DAY TEA PARTY: What is in MY Wallet?

Death and Taxes
by Davis Fleetwood
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Will Rogers America’s Cowboy Comedian and the top movie star of his time famously said of taxes: “The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”

You know what Will Rogers? Bleep you and the horse you rode in on! I have to say, I actually like Taxes.


Sure, the way taxes are assessed and the way the government spends the money (so I guess I mean the whole system as it is currently operating) has more problems than a crack addicted pregnant teen whose baby daddy just got deployed to Afghanistan. However, that does not mean that we should do away with or lower taxes. We should bring her baby daddy back from Afghanistan and increase taxes!

Now, to be sure, the rich should pay more taxes than they currently so. Moshe Adler, in an eye opening April 14th article on Truth Dig writes:

“Between 1913, the first year that the income tax became constitutional, and 1981, the first year of the Reagan presidency, the highest federal marginal income tax rate was, on average, 68 percent. It should come as no surprise that the years of the country’s greatest prosperity for the middle class coincided with the highest tax rates. Since Ronald Reagan held the presidency, inequality has increased markedly, and today the highest marginal tax rate is only 35 percent.”

So Regan gave us trickle down economics. But what are really trickling down are bad ideas. Ideas that drive angry, white middle class people to Tea Party protests to wave their guns, demand lower taxes and ogle at the former runner up to Ms. Wassilla 1984 who wants to tell you that it is perfectly okay for a man like Warren Buffet to pay fewer taxes, as a percentage of income, than his secretary.

Regan’s trickle down theory is a shell game.  Wealth does not obey the Newtonian laws of gravity, wealth always redistributes itself upwards. Now that the wealthy have much less of their income base as taxable, where does that money go? While an unspecified percentage goes to the Rachel Utchitels of the world,  much of it goes into hedge funds, where it generates more income that will only  get taxed as at a business rate of 15%. Again, lower than the income tax rate of Warren Buffet’s secretary.

Hedge Funds make so much money for the richest in the U.S. that the top twenty-five Hedge fund managers in 2009 made an average of one billion dollars each. Yes, that is billion with a “b”.

As Les Leopold at AlterNet points out, the salaries for those twenty-five people could pay for over 650,000 entry-level teachers who would, in turn, serve 13 million students.

The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary needs to expand its definition of pornography to accommodate this level of unregulated Ayn Randian Regressive economics.

The rich should pay more of their income in taxes. Period.  Our tax dollars should stop funding war illegal invasions and occupations. Our Tax dollars should start improving public education from pre-K through post -graduate work. Our tax dollars should subsidize the arts. And our tax dollars should put health insurance companies out of business and pay for a single payer healthcare for all system.

I am even okay with my tax dollars being spent on Tea Party rallies. This is America; after all, free speech can’t be for me and not for thee. But then again, even the second lady of Tea Party hierarchy agrees with me on this point. As reported by Sahil Kapur on RAW STORY recently-

“As Michele Bachmann riled a group of feisty Tea Partiers to rail against taxes and government spending, taxpayers were quietly forced to pick up a $13,600 tab for their festivities. For the sound, staging and equipment, Bachmann (R-MN) was financially assisted by taxpayer-funded allowances from Reps. Todd Akin (R-MO), Tom Price (R-GA), and Steve King (R-IA).”

But the glassy eyed Bachmann continues to play her role as a servant of the rich, whipping the fast disappearing middle class into froth by inventing facts such as Obama has recently nationalized 51% of the economy.

The Tea Party’s “taxes are bad” argument is an Ayn Randian Regressive one. It does not empower the middle class; rather it aspires to a 21st century form of feudalism.


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