The Tea Party Movement Vs. Socialism

The Tea Party Movement Vs. Socialism

by Davis Fleetwood
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A Gallop poll conducted in late March shows that more than 1 in 4 Americans support the Tea Party Movement with a stunning 37% indicating that they view the gun toting Randian Regressive mob of Sarah Palin followers favorably.

Is it time for rational thinking progressives to move to Montreal, or can we fight back?

Before you get to depressed over the recent Gallop Poll and what it might say about the Citizens of the Unites States, you should understand the following: Given how little the average American knows about politics, you can find roughly 4 in 10 Americans who will give a positive rating to anything.


As Americans, we are, on the whole, so uniformed, so afraid of conflict, so guilt ridden by our status as victors in the birthplace lottery that had us born in the country with the most missiles and the most money thus affording even those us bearing the weight of an underwater mortgage a life in the lap of luxury compared to, say our brothers and sisters in the Gaza strip or the Deomcratoc Republic of Congo that we really don’t want to rock the boat.

Compare the 37% who said they viewed the Tea Party favorably and compare that to the 36% who said they had a positive view of socialism. Both polls were conducted by Gallop.

Ironic, given that one way the tea party is slowly stirring its followers into a revolutionary froth is by spreading fear that Obama enacting a socialist takeover of the country. Remember the Town Hall tour Obama embarked on last summer, as he tried to win support for health care reform? More than one tea party terrorist, emboldened by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, shouted “I don’t want socialized medicine. And keep the governments hands off my Medicare!

A Confederacy of Dunces

So, is Obama a socialist?

OY! We should be so lucky.

In an article yesterday in the Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee, John Gurda details a 50-year period when the city of Milwaukee actually elected a string of Socialist Mayors. It is the only major American city to ever do so. From 1910- to 1960, with a few gaps in between, socialists governed Milwaukee.  How did that work out?  A great public parks system, plenty of jobs and industry, and, as Gurda puts it:

“It also embodied a deep and timeless blend of pragmatism and idealism. Although they worked for real-world reforms, the Socialists didn’t stop there. They called their fellow citizens to a higher conception of the common good, one that placed cooperation above competition and mutualism above bare self-interest. They believed that a government based on those ideals was humanity’s best hope for the future.”

Hollywood even mad a TV show about socialist Milwaukee in the 1950s. It was called Happy Days.


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