Sex Club Scandal: Will Steele Survive “Bondage-Gate”?

Sex Club Scandal: Will Steele Survive “Bondage-Gate”?
by Davis Fleetwood

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The RNC has fired Allison Meyers, director of the group’s “Young Eagles” program, for approving the expenses at Voyeur, A West Hollywood hot spot where potential RNC donors enjoyed drinking 20 glasses Chenin Blanc while watching simulated lesbian sex acts with women who look as if the just sauntered off the set of Eyes Wide Shut.

At least we know there are some same sex unions these regressives are willing to support.

Thanks to the audacity of reimbursing this two thousand dollars tab at bondage to themed sex club and the stupidity of including said expenses on a FEC filling report, RNC chairman Michael Steel is on the ropes, no longer able to hide behind the hypocrisy of the old boys club version of don’t ask don’t tell.

Yes, it might be fun to gloat that the party of family values is once again revealed as a group if rich, elite, deviant, circle jerking, patriarch espousing regressives. Fun as that might be, it misses the point.

Let’s say that the two thousand dollar reimbursement was for taking out a potential big donor to The Master’s Golf Tournament. This two thousand dollar expense would be a non-story. Ah, golf. At least the good old boy network still has golf and the culture of exclusivity and opulence it provides for the rich beneficiaries of Hypercapitalism.

But ask yourself, what is more offensive: a group of consenting adults watching a group of paid performers pretended to have sex, or a round of golf at The Masters? Remember, it is still recent history that RNC, like the Masters, was not open to people of color. Just as the old boys network accepted that the atlas holding up their sport was a black man, he suffers a tragic fall from grace when it is revealed that he has been doing exactly what generations of rich, powerful, country club men have been doing: having multiple sex partners outside of marriage.

It’s not just Republicans. I’ll give you three fucken words: John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Kennedy, the first Roman Catholic President of the United States, simply had to go to confession, talk to a man in a dress behind a curtain who would absolve his sins on the one hand while giving an alter boy a spankerchief with the other and all was well with the world.

The RNC, the Catholic Church, and Golf: institutions the regressives hold dear continue to reveal themselves as shams. Like the Roman Catholic Church, an institution whose current self-destruction will be a blessing for all of mankind, (pun intentional) the destruction of the Republican Party will only be judged by history as progress.


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