Shaun White vs. Corporatism

Shaun White vs. Corporatism
by Davis Fleetwood
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Even the cynicism of a Godless Commie faggot like me was awed by Shaun White winning the Half Pipe Gold.

I know- the Olympics are more than just a place where citizens of the world gather in a peaceful cross cultural celebration- it is a Hypercapitalist orgy held in a police state under new construction on stolen indigenous lands.

It is true, there is much offered up by the Olympics with which to take offense. Shawn White’s Gold medal winning half pipe run is not one of them.

And just to be clear. This is not about nationalism. I could give a shit if Shaun White did his front side to fakie double cork 1080-barrel roll for fucking AL Quada- that kid just makes your spirit soar. The spirit and clarity of sports- the rooting for your favorite team or players- has a certain simplistic appeal. There are winners. There are losers. All of the loose ends get tied up.

The spirit of sports, and not just the Olympics- has long since been co-opted and bastardized by Corporatism – even the renegade spirit of Shawn White is a corporately crafted image; his decision to forgo the X games and train in secret – gave him an aura of a Zen master focused on one single goal- winning Olympic Gold and annihilating the field with never before seen tricks.

Even if this Zen image was bought and paid for by one of his sponsors- Red Bull- who purchased and maintained a remote half pipe accessed only by private helicopter for him to train in secret.

Red Bull gives you wings.

But despite the worst efforts of Corporate America- the combination of Athleticism and artistry and tunnel vision competiveness coalescing in the undeniably contagious spirit of Shawn White just makes one feel like….

Like I just bit into a York Peppermint and I get the sensation that I am blasting off the lip of a half pipe flying through the air in a perfect double McTwist 1260.


Did I just re-appropriate a commercial campaign from my youth to express my innermost feelings?


I guess what I meant to say was, watching the Olympics left me wanting to tell you all: Be all that you can be.

I mean. Between love and madness lies Obsession.


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