The Supreme Court Renders Voting Obsolete

The Supreme Court Renders Voting Obsolete
by Davis Fleetwood (e) NoCureForThat {at} gmail {dot} com
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Corporations have been running the country for decades, now. The recent Supreme Court ruling just makes it easier, more transparent.  Now that voting is- temporarily anyway – obsolete, we can focus on more constructive activities.

“Starting today,” Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in the dissenting opinion of the already infamous Citizens United v. the FEC, – an opinion, by the by that sometimes read like a suicide note, that “corporations with large war chests to deploy on electioneering may find democratically elected bodies becoming much more attuned to their interests.”

Understatement, they name is John Paul Stevens!

Corporations will find democratically elected bodies much more attuned to their interests? That is like saying to the residents of Hiroshima: this is just going to hurt a little bit.

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Consider that, in the year of hope and change, 2008, when more people where personally and financially invested in the electoral process in some way, the top 100 American corporations had 600 billion dollars in profits. If those companies divert only 1% of their profits in the next election any future election cycle, that equals 6 billion dollars, which equates to double the electoral spending of Obama. McCain and every candidate for house and senate combined.

Given this reality, will people still vote in 2012? 2016? Contribute a hundred bucks to a campaign?

One must dig to the conclusion of the dissenting opinion of Justice Stevens to absorb the impact of that the Supreme Court just did:

“The Court’s approach to the First Amendment…  will undoubtedly cripple the ability of ordinary citizens, Congress, and the States to adopt even limited measures to protect against corporate domination of the electoral process.”

If you are An American Citizen without access to a fortune 100 companies treasury, you are currently being raped.

So what to do?

First of all, when talking to friends and family or writing letters to the editor on this issue, do not mix metaphor’s or employ hyperbolic statements such as “If you are An American Citizen without access to a fortune 100 companies treasury, you are currently being raped.”

I am a trained stunt driver on a closed course and you should not attempt this in public. While it is a happy accident in art that lies often tell a greater truth, hyperbole around the Sunday dinner table will only get you taken off the guest list for next years Secret Santa.

So, you should put down the brick you were about to throw through a Starbucks window (but save it, one never knows when one will need it) and visit Educate yourself. Then sign the petition.

Share it with everyone you know.

Just do it.


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5 thoughts on “The Supreme Court Renders Voting Obsolete

  1. Interesting metaphor and certainly not without its validity. So let me carry the metaphor further…

    You know why rape victims often never feel completely “healed” of their rape? Because no matter who they tell and no matter HOW much they talk about it (if they even CAN talk about it at all), they know that the possibility of it happening over and over again still exists. And until there is some action taken that can give some sense of power back to a victim, some sense of justice – there can be no closure and no long-term catharsis. So yes, I agree with your metaphor – my only qualm with it? Don’t tell us to put down the brick! I think we’re at a time where the only thing that will prevent the continual raping and abuse of people who are NOT at the fancy dinner tables of corporations will be accomplished by nothing less than bonking ’em all in the head with a big fat brick and breathing easier as the greedy dirtballs bleed out.

    (For the record, most rapists (and bullies of all stripes) are ALWAYS sorry when they’re caught)

  2. you stupid white americlowns are sheep that are born and bred to be slaughtered by the corporations that own you and your “government”. millions upon millions of you americlowns bend over for your corporate masters who comprise only .00001% of your total population (if that). you americlowns actually think that there is a difference between democr-ps and republic-nts. you are such morons and the entire world laughs at you. you sleepwalk as the corporate filthy rich send your children off to die in far away lands so that they can make even more money. the corporate rich and their puppet government of democr-ps and republic-nts. tax you (that means steal from you -idiot), lie to you with their 3 little tv news stations cnn, fox and msn (all the same bs all the time), steal your houses and property with wall street bankster scams and encourage criminal illegal aliens to over-run your borders to take what little healthcare and schooling you have left. now your corporate masters have literally sold you as slaves to china. may god have mercy on your poor stupid souls. you moronic americlowns will still be sleeping when your new cannibal chinese masters eat you alive… bye-bye american pie – your world is a lie and you deserve to die.
    so happy i dont have to live in amerikkka

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