Conan’s Last Show on NBC

Conan’s Last Show on NBC
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The Supreme Court ripped the rug out from under the electoral process, the death toll in Haiti is at 70 thousand and climbing, but what really captures our attention is the late night civil war over at NBC between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.

Given that the whole goal of late night television is the exact same goal as programming on the home shopping network, I have always admired the latter for their honest and direct approach to create a need where none existed and separate my money from my wallet.

But even I had could not resist the civil war that has waged over the Late Show. Like any right minded individual I was in Conan O’Brien’s corner. I was, as they say, with Coco.

Now Coco has a 33 million dollar golden parachute, with another 12 million being paid out by NBC as severance to his staff of 200.

And filed under the category of this could only be funny in America to Americans, we have the vindictive childish tantrum, serving as Conan’s final shows for NBC.

On Wednesday night, Conan smiled cheeky and waved during a one-minute bit wherein he displayed a purchased sports car while the Rolling Stones blared in the background.

In Conan’s own words: comedic value, zero. What this 60 seconds cost NBC: $ 1.5 Million. On Thursday, he outdid himself: a mink coat covering a former Kentucky Derby winning horse watching rights restricted archival NFL football coverage. Cost: 4.8 Million dollars.

Even as reports surface that those bits did not costs as much as Conan has boasted, the fact that we laugh and cheer for this underdog- this underdog who was paid 33 million to stop working during a time when millions Americans are loosing their jobs and the supreme court just made individual Americans participation in the democratic process obsolete- I mean our grandkids will want to hear us tell stories about “when” people voted – shouldn’t Conan have to do more to earn his status as underdog hero.

Again, what about paying the 50 hottest FHM girls, fly them down to Haiti and have them perform sex acts on survivors while that pants on the ground guy sings his song as a duet with Lady Gaga  in the background. Then you can sell the sex tapes with all funds going to Haiti survivors.

Talk about a viral bit of uplifting entertainment.


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