Jimmy Carter’s Cold War Whoop Ass Can ♦ This Day In The USA ♦ Jan 2

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Jimmy Carter’s Cold War Whoop Ass Can ♦ This Day In The USA ♦ Jan 2
by Davis Fleetwood

Questions for discussion:
What will Madison Avenue call the Second Cold War? When will history book say it began? What is so funny about peace, love and Marxism? When do we begin the “duck and cover” drills again? What the hell is a d’tente, and should Carter have ended it?

Deep in the first Cold War, by December 1979, to counter a covert propaganda battle being fought by the CIA against the Marxist controlled Afghanistan; the Soviets came to the aid of the communist Afghan government, then under siege by anti-communist rebels who also happened to be religious lunatics of the Muslim variety. If you are among the 1 out of 5 students who pay attention to the lies taught to you in the typical high school U.S. History classroom, the Soviets were propping up a puppet government in Afghanistan.

This is what victory in the first Cold War would mean: the ability to prop up a puppet government in places like Afghanistan without some Vodka swilling Fukhov breathing down your neck.

So on January 2nd, 1980- an election year, by the way, President Carter busted out his version of whoop ass. He requested that the Senate postpone action on the SALT-II nuclear weapons treaty and recalled the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union. He even hinted that the U.S. might boycott the summer Olympics, scheduled for Moscow later that year. Pretty badass for a cardigan wearing energy conservationist who couldn’t get Iran to give back a few hostages.

So what happened? Well, the ones fighting the commies in Afghanistan were the Islamist Mujahideen Resistance. Some branding genius on Madison Avenue came up with the moniker “freedom fighters”. The US got in bed, covertly, with the Saudis to support these Freedom Fighters. Fast forward a decade or so, and down comes the mighty Soviet Union.

The Cold War was over. The U.S. had won, which meant we could alter the affairs of lesser nations without the meddlesome check and balance of a peer nation with conflicting socio-economic worldviews. Communism was dead. Long live Capitalism.

So Uncle Sam was paying, training and arming yesterday’s freedom fighters, which are not so attached to a country, as they are a religion. I wonder how that worked out?

Now it is America propping up a puppet government in Afghanistan- a tribal culture that is in fact not even a country- in order to secure a major oil pipeline and ostensibly to chase down Osama and his crew in neighboring Pakistan.

Thank God (and you know what God I mean, not the towel head variety) that we have China to thank for her emergence on the worlds stage laying claim as the worlds largest economy. China’s military is nothing to sneeze at either. And we owe them so much money!!!!

So the Second Cold War, the one yet to come, will surely be a balm for our stagnating economy a boost for our national identity, one final chance to shove capitalism and freedom down the unappreciative throat of the world. The only things left to decide are, what do we call it, and whose side are you on? The book of Revelation vs. The book of Zen? Accurate, perhaps, but something lacking.


Revenge of the Dragon?

I’m Davis Fleetwood, reminding you that history is based on actual events.


Find THIS DAY IN THE USA on YouTube, Davis Fleetwood onFacebook Independently produced. Individually supported. Donate.

One thought on “Jimmy Carter’s Cold War Whoop Ass Can ♦ This Day In The USA ♦ Jan 2

  1. Very good stuff.

    Brzezinski masterminded this whole thing with Carter back in July, 1979. This actually gave rise to a new phenomenon that would become important later, Blowback. I think the concept dates from the 50s, but this has been the event that pushed it to the fore.

    And then, in 2008, Bush becomes nothing more than a friggin’ USA cheerer in China. The ONLY time a sitting US president visited the Olympics IN ANOTHER FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY. And he sat there waving the American flag as if he were nothing more than a pompom girl.

    And we haven’t reached bottom yet.


    el gringo

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